Q: What is Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity?

A: Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity is a group who, as a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, are working toward the goal of eliminating substandard housing in Cleveland County, including Norman, Moore, Lexington, Slaughterville, and Noble. We are a 501 (c)3 organization chartered by the State of Oklahoma in July 1993.

Q: What has Cleveland County Habitat accomplished so far?

A: To date, we have built 27 new houses in partnership with low income families and have sold them to the families on a no-profit, no-interest basis. All of these houses were built in the Norman and Moore area on lots where houses no longer existed or on lots where the houses were abandoned.

Q: What kind of houses do your build?

A: Our aim is to build simple, decent homes. They have between 850 and 1,350 square feet of floor space and are of traditional stick-built construction. The quality is basically the same as in any new house, but we do not provide a garage, fence or other extras.

Q: How do you choose the families?

A: We have a family selection committee to choose the most qualified families from amoung all the applicants. The family must complete 300 hours of “sweat equity” and must have enough income to pay for the house. The income range generally is from 25% to 50% of the median income fo the general Cleveland County working population. The family must also have lived in Cleveland County and be willing to live in the neighborhood selected by Habitat.

Q: How does home ownership affect families?

A: Nationally, Habitat has found that once families become home owners, their overall financial condition improves. The goals for their children’s education rise and family relations improve.

Q: How do you finance your operation?

A: We receive contributions from local individuals, churches, foundations, local businesses and a civic organizations. We accept government funds to acquire property and to se the stage for construction. We are a volunteer organization with 94% of the funds received going to construction and related functions.

Q: What do you do with contributions?

A: We build houses. As the families pay for their homes over the period of the mortgage, we use that income to build more houses. We need contributions of cash, labor and materials. Contributions of all types never stop working because income from the houses is recycled into more and more houses. World wide, Habitat for Humanity has constructed over 200,000 houses, most of which are in the United States. Habitat for Humanity International has more than 1,900 Affiliates in 100 Nations worldwide.