How do I volunteer to help?

Become an active part of Cleveland County Habitat’s mission. Get involved!
The greatest key to success for Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity is the support of the community volunteers. The people of Cleveland County have repeatedly demonstrated their heart for those in need by generously contributing thousands of hours of their personal time. That commitment has helped CCHFH to grow and become one of the most successful not-for-profit organizations in Oklahoma.

While community support has been oustanding for the past years, CCHFH is in need of an even greater level of support from local residents. The donation of your time and resources will not only benefit those who truly need a helping hand, it will also contribute to your sense of belonging in the community and help create a rising tide that will lift all of us to a better life.

Ten Ways to Help

  1. Pray for Habitat’s work in Cleveland County.
  2. Volunteer your time and sweat.
  3. Talk to others about Habitat’s mission.
  4. Help write grants.
  5. Volunteer on a committee.
  6. Participate in fundraising events.
  7. Solicit additional volunteers.
  8. Motivate volunteer workers.
  9. Help with administrative tasks.
  10. Bring food and refreshments to Habitat work sites.

Volunteer Program

Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity invites everyone to join us in a community partnership to build decent, affordable homes for those in need in Cleveland County. Volunteer your time and talents! Pick up a hammer, paintbrush, screwdriver or shovel on a Habitat worksite. Contribute your special skills to ease the administrative burden of our growing organization. We can always use your help with publicity, fundraising, volunteer coordination, computers or fiscal management. And in many more categories not listed here. There’s a place for eveyone and every gift.

Volunteer Orientation

If you are interested in giving your time to Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity, contact the Habitat office at (405)360-7868.